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the Inquest which fixes the crime upon one Tolliver Perry, and finds several others accessories, among them Chas F. Hamilton. Hamilton and a man named Perry, - it is thought Tolliver Perry, - were arrested soon after this murder but before it was known and are now in custody at Charleston.
A recommendation that the persons implicated in this crime to be tried by Military Commission has been forwarded to the Commanding General, 2nd Military District.
[[left margin note]] Murder of a White-woman [[/left margin note]]
Lieut. Stone also reported the murder of a white woman on the 20th [[?]] in which three negroes were implicated. They are now in Edgefield Jail awaiting trial." 

Many freedmen work for a portion of the crop receiving food and other supplies from the employer  on credit. Very few of them will save much under these circumstances no matter how good the crops may be. 
The women are generally averse to working, as field hands and few of them have been trained for anything else. Instead therefore, of being producers, they are of little assistance to their families and consume in the way of food, a large portion of their husbands wages. 
As far as possible this office endeavors to discourage the notion that freedom and work are incompatible and that wives should not assist in supporting their familes.