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Charleston Bureau Sub District of
Brvt Brig Genl H.B. Clitz, Sub Asst. Commissioner.

Bvt Capt. S.L. Hoge, Asst. Sub Asst. Commissioner reports: "I take great pleasure in stating that, the affairs of this Sub District for the past month exhibit great improvement both on the part of the planter - as well as of the laborer - the latter being busily engaged upon the work of the season, and each party is quite sanguine of success.
Liet Johnston says. "It is generally conceded the freedmen are doing better labor and with less trouble than at any time since their emancipation - though there have been strong efforts made by the Negro preachers to create dissatisfaction in the ranks because the laborers are paid in goods. - all advances made on their wages, but their efforts have been crushed."
This officer further states/which is a matter of congratulation as it was the great mistake of parties heretofore.) 
The planting interests are awake to the necessity of making their plantations self supporting, and are planting a larger proportion of their land in corn, potatoes, &c than ever before." 
All the officers in this Sub District concur in saying, that the contracts of this year made by planters with Freed people are much more liberal and just then they were previously- which doubtless account for the cheerful and read manner in which the laborers have entered into such agreements.