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as regards labor this officer, in his statement, coincides with the report of the Agents and everything seems to indicate, thrift, and willingness, and (D.V.) next harvest will place this State in a better condition than she has been for many years before."

Mr. Garrett Nagle, Agent, at Kingston, reports: "The operation of the Bureau in this District, during the month of March were chiefly confined to the collection of money due freedmen for labor and the examination of applications for Government assistance."

Little destitution 
"There is really very little suffering at present in this District for the necessaries of life. I believe that a large majority of the planters have enough of corn to last them until their next crop is harvested, the freedmen who have rented small tracts of land with the expectation of getting corn and meat from the Bureau will be the first to suffer."

Columbia, Burea Sub District of
Major G.P. Andrews Sub Asst. Commissioner

Lieut. A.P. Caraher, Asst. Sub Asst. Commissioner at Unionville reports: "The affairs of the freedpeople are about as reported last month with the exception perhaps, that outrages are becoming more frequent, most of which have been attended to by Civil Authorities.

On the 16th inst. I reported a case to Col. F.L. Guenther