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Jan 21st 1868.

A copy of a communication of date Jan 12 1868 of S.R. Adams, Bureau Agent at Camden S.C. with reference to the murder of two freedmen, Wm Mickle and York Owens, alleged to have been committed by Isaac Owens on the 11th day of January 1868. at Camden. On the same day the papers were referred to the Provost Marshal General 2nd Mil. Dist with directions to cause the prisoner to be transferred to the custody of the Military authorities at Columbia

An investigation into the facts of the killing of the persons named, with a view to bring the accused to trial was at the same time commenced by the Judge Advocate of this District, who, on the 17th of February received a full report from the Command'g. Officer at Columbia, showing the steps taken by him and enclosing a report rendered to him on that date by the Agent of the Bureau at Camden.

Upon this report, received Feb. 19th the investigation was pursued by the Judge Advocate of the District whose assistant was sent to Camden to make a preliminary examination. - Charges were at