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foundation. I examined all the witnesses, whose names were given me, Col. Morse and Mr. Rutkay at Galveston knew nothing in regard to him, except what Maj. Harris had told him. Mr. Ruby had heard that was not friendly to certain gentlemen of the Republican party, but could give me no facts. On the contrary Gov. Pease, Judge Baldwin & other prominent gentlemen of the republican party fully indorse him. I find from his official reports that he has been a very industrious and faithful officer. He has doubtless incurred the displeasure of officers, whom he has unfavourably reported. I further find that the reports of his intemperance are groundless.

It is reported and the facts as far as develloped warrant the belief, that Maj. Harris failed signally in his duties, and has not accounted for money received in his official capacity. Gen'l. Reynolds had already witheld his 

Transcription Notes:
signally = notably