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S248 (R.F.&A.L. Vol 12) 1868

R52 Olemoval 2'68

Washington D.C.
May 5th 1868

[[stamp]] The National Archives of the United States [[/stamp]]

Surgeon General
J.K. barnes, U.S.A.

Refers account of Dr. D.W. Momand for services etc rendered in Walker Col Texas in 1867 to soldiers amounting to $403.00.

[[stamp]] Bureau R.F.&A.L. Washington Rec'd May 13 1868 [[/stamp]]

[[stamp]] Office Chief Medical Officer, Bu.R.F.&A.L. May 1868 [[/stamp]]

Wrapper (7 enclosures)
Received, Bureau R.F.&A.L. May 6th 1868

War Department,
 Bureau Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands,
Washington D.C. May 6th 1868

Respectfully referred to Bvt Col L.A. Edwards Chief Medical Officer for examination and recommendation.
By order of
Maj Genl O.O. Howard
E. Whittlesey

Bureau R.F.+A.L.
Office B.M.O.
May 12, '68
Respectfully returned to A.A.A.Genl Bureau R.F.&A.L. approved and payment recommended.
L.A. Edwards
Surgeon USA Bvt Col, Chief Medical Officer

War Dept Bureau RF+AL
Washington DC May 13/68
Respectfully referred to Genl Geo W Balloch, Chief Disbursing Officer for settlement.
By order of 
Maj. Genl O.O. Howard
F.D. Sewall

Vol 4

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