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Lee, Doris - "Shore Leave"
Leif, Florance - "Toy Plane & Cowboy with Sand Dune Background"
Levi, Julian - "Autobiography"
Levine, Jack - "The Syndicate"
Levine, Saul - "Schoolboy"
Lifvendahl, Robert - "Wisconsin Landscape"
Lopez, Carlos - "Reunion at the Farm"
Ludins, Eugene- "Big Day at the Post"
McCrady, John - "The Storm"
Maril, Herman - "Sunday at the Docks"
Mark, Bendor - "Mine Workers"
Marsh, Reginald - "Swinging Chairs"
Martin, Fletcher - "Stormy Weather"
Martyl - "Kids and Kites"
Masley, Alexander - "Family Market"
Mayer, Ralph - "Newtown Creek"
Meyer, Felicia - "Summer Landscape"
Mock, Gladys - "August Day"
Mommer, Paul - "Billboards"
Mosca, August - "Bronx - Song of Night" 
Moses, Anne Mary Robertson - "Old Checkered House"
Nichols, Norman L. - "Annual Reunion at the Family Cemetery"
Osborne, Lue - "The Cat and the Butterfish"
Osver, Arthur - "Bridal Bouquet" (1 of 8 prizes)
Pacassi, Virginia - "On the Mississippi, New Orleans"
Palmer, William - "Summer Pleasure"
Peirce, Alzira - "Chickens"
Peirce, Waldo - "Maine Swimming Hole" (1st prize)
Pickens, George - "Maine Woods"
Pittman, Hobson - "The Picnic"
Plummer, Dede - "City Green"
Pollet, Joseph - "Abandoned Farm"
Quanchi, Leo - "Melting Pot"
Randall, Leslie F. - "Corn Harvest"
Rattner, Abraham - "Industrial Town" 
Reisman, Phillip - "Feature Act" (1 of 8 prizes)
Robinson, Jay - "James P. Johnson"
Rose, Iver - "Hurdy Gurdy"
Rosenthal, Doris - "Regents"
Ruellan, Andree - "Savannah" 
Schmidt, Katherine - "The Old Man Talks"
Schneiweiss, Oscar - "Midtown"
Sepeshy, Zoltan - "Word of the Elements"
Shahn, Ben - "Seurat's Lunch"
Sheeler, Charles - "Suspended Power"
Shippee, Hope - "Dressing Room at Klein's"
Shopen, Kenneth - "Eternal Spring"
Shulman, Morris - "View of Yonkers"
Siegel, Adrian - "Roundout Village"
Singer, Burr - "Evening News"
Solman, Joseph - "L Station"
Sokole, Miron - "Discourse on War"
Soyer, Isaac - "Office Girls"
Soyer, Moses - "Before Class"
Spagna, Vincent - "New England Barn" (1 of 8 prizes)
Spencer, Niles - "Blast Furnace"
Stella, Joseph - "The Gas Tanks"
Sterner, Harold - "Warehouses"
Taylor, William L. - "Gymnasts"
Tobey, Mark - "Broadway Boogie"
Tschacbasov, Nahum - "Evening at Home"
Turnbull, James - "The Great Coat"
Tytell, Louis - "Storm over Central Park"
Varga,Margit - "Main Street, Brewster"
Varian, Dorothy - "Fourth of July Picnic"
Waldman, Jean Y - "The Bronx"
Walkowitz, Abraham - "Fishermen's and Artists' Carnival,
"Gloucester, Mass." 

Weber, Max - "The Fallen Tree"
Williams, Esther - "Warrior and the Blacks"
Williams, Richard E. - "The Little People"
Wilson, Sol - "The East Wind" (1 of 8 prizes
Wyeth, Andrew - "Public Sale"
Yaghian, Edmund - "Hudson River Town"
Young, Mahonri - "Under the Pinon"
Zorach, Marguerite - "Christmas Mail"
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