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Afroyim, Beys - "Out for Victory"
Appel, Marianne - "Sandlot"
Avery, Milton - "Clover Leaf Park"
Barer, Miriam Anne - "Railway Station"
Barr, Norman - "Blueprint for Production"
Beal, Grifford - "Ship Building"
Becker, Maurice - "Zoot Suit and Nylon Stockings"
Bengtz, Ture - "On the Charles"
Biddle, George - "Pennsylvania Landscape"
Bischoff, Ilse - "Summer 1939"
Bishop, Isabel - "Resting"
Blanch, Arnold - "In Colorado"
Blanch, Lucile - "Farm Yard"
3 - Bosa, Louis - "Sidewalk Market"
Botkin, Henry A. - "Performer"
Bouche, Louis - "Gin Rummy"
Burliuk, David - "Conversation"
Cadmus, Paul - "Seeing the New Year In"
Carroll, John - "Dawn Covert"
Carter, Clarence H. - "Tech Belle"
Chaney, Ruth - "New England Pastoral"
Cikovsky, Nicolai - "Summer Symphony"
Citron, Minna - "Concert"
Cohan, Henry - "Be It Ever So Humble"
Cole, Robert - "Barge Life"
Corbino, Jon - "The Picnic"
7 - Corcos, Lucille - "Frank's Fish Shop"
Crisp, Arthur - "Autumn Workers"
Cuthbert, Virginia - "The Art Gallery and The Pheasant"
Dahlov-Ipcar - "Scalding the Hog"
Davis, Gladys Rockmore - "Noel with Violin"
11 - Davis, Stuart - "The Terminal"
Day, Esther Worden - "Strawberry Hill"
Day, Horace T. - "Amherst Clay"
De Felipe, Juan - "1 P.M. Whistle"
Dehn, Adolf - "Spring Day"
4 - De Martini, Joseph - "Summer Day"
de Pauw, Victor - "3 Workmen"
Detwiller, Frederick K. - "Reeling for the Banks"
Di Benedetto, Angelo - "Apple Tree"
Dix, Harry - "Woodshed, Savannah"
du Bois, Guy Pene - "Parade"
du Bois, Yvonne - "Wanamaker House"
Duren, Terence - "Picnic in the Park"
Early, Mary - "Hudson River Town"
Etting, Emlen - "City Twilight"
2 - Evergood, Philip - "Wheels of Victory"
Fiene, Ernest - "Toward Evening, Connecticut"
Fife, Mary - "Two Girls"
Freedman, Louise A. - "Mill Town"
Gee, Yun, "Here's New York"
Gellert, Hugo - "Labor of City & Country"
9 Gonzalez, Xavier - "Black and White"
Gorsline, Douglas - "Eastside Local"
Gotcliffe, Sid - "14th Street Industrial River"
Gottlieb, Harry - "At the Edge of Town"
Greenwood, Marion - "Counter Talk"
Gropper, William - "Kibitzer"
8 Guglielmi, C. Louis - "Festa"
Gurr, Lena - "Sunday Funnies"
Gwathmey, Robert - "End of Day"
Harriton, Abraham - "Country Square Dance"
Hartman, Rosella - "Catskill Oak"
Honig, Mervin - "The Carolinas"
Howard, John L - "Elemental Drifts"
Jules, Mervin - "Winter"
Kaplan, Joseph - "Wreck" 
Kessler, Friedolin E. Jr. - "Grain Mill"
Kleinholz, Frank - "Holiday Harlequins"
Koch, Samuel - "Street Scene '42"
Kottgen, Eve - "Autumn in Connecticut"
Kuniyoshi, Yasuo - "Empty Town in the Desert"
Laning, Edward - "Self Portrait" 

Larsson, Anna-Greta - "The Lunch Hour"
Lebduska, Lawrence - "Polo"
Lee, Doris - "Shore Leave"
Leif, Florence - "Toy Plane & Cowboy with Sand Dune Background"
Levi, Julian - "Autobiography" 
Levine, Jack - "The Syndicate"
Levine, Saul - "Schoolboy"
Lifvendahl, Robert - "Wisconsin Landscape"
Lopez, Carlos - "Reunion at the Farm"
Ludins, Eugene - "Big Day at the Post"
McGrady, John - "The Storm" 
Maril, Herman - "Sunday at the Docks" 
Mark, Bendor - "Mine Workers"
Marsh, Reginald - "Swinging Chairs"
Martin, Esther - "Stormy Weather" 
Martyl - "Kids and Kites"
Masley, Alexander - "Family Market"
Mayer, Ralph - "Newtown Creek" 
Meyer, Felicia - "Summer Landscape"
Mock, Gladys - "August Day" 
Mommer, Paul - "Billboards" 
Mosca, August -"Bronx - Song of Night"
Moses, Anne Mary Robertson - "Old Checkered House"
Nichols, Norman L. - "Annual Reunion at the Family Cemetery" 
Osborne, Lue - "The Cat & the Butterfish" 
Osver, Arthur - "Bridal Bouquet" 5
Pacassi, Virginia - "On the Mississippi, New Orleans"
Palmer, William - "Summer Pleasure"
Peirce, Alzira - "Cickens"
Peirce, Waldo -"Maine Swimming Hole" - 1
Picken, George - "Maine Woods"
Pittman, Hobson - "The Picnic"
Plummer, Dede - "City Green"
Pollet, Joseph - "Abandoned Farm"
Quanchi, Leo - "Melting Pot"
Randall, Leslie F. - "Corn Harvest" 
Rattner, Abraham - "Industrial Town"
Reisman, Philip - "Feature Act" 12
Robinson, Jay - "James P. Johnson"
Rose, Iver - "Hurdy Gurdy"
Rosenthal, Doris - "Regents"
Ruellan, Andree - "Savannah"
Schmidt, Katherine - "The Old Man Talks"
Schneiweiss, Oscar - "Midtown" 
Sepeshy, Zoltan - "Work of the Elements"
Shahn, Ben - Seurat's Lunch"
Sheeler, Charles - "Suspended Power"
Shippee, Hope -"Dressing Room at Klein's"
Shopen, Kenneth - "Eternal Spring"
Shulman, Morris - "View of Yonkers"
Siegel, Adrian - "Roundout Village" 
Singer, Burr - "Evening News"
Solman, Joseph - "L Station"
Sokole, Miron - "Discourse on War"
Soyer, Isaac - "Office Girls"
Soyer, Moses - "Before Class" 
Spagna, Vincent - "New England Barn" 6
Spencer, Niles - "Blast Furnace"
Stella, Joseph - "The Gas Tanks" 
Sterner, Harold - "Warehouses"
Taylor, William L. - "Gymnasts"
Tobey, Mark - "Broadway Boogie" 
Tschacbasov, Nahum - "Evening at Home" 
Turnbull, James - "The Great Coat"
Tytell, Louis - "Storm over Central Park" 
Varga, Margit - "Main Street, Brewster"
Varian, Dorothy - "Fourth of July Picnic"
Waldman, Jean Y - "The Bronx"
Walkowitz, Abraham - "Fishermen's and Artists' Carnival, Gloucester, Mass." 
Weber, Max - "The Fallen Tree"
Williams, Esther - "Warrior & the Blacks"
Williams, Richard E. - "The Little People"
Wilson, Sol - "The East Wind"
Wyeth, Andrew- "Public Sale"
Yaghian, Edmund - "Hudson River Town"
Young, Mahonri - "Under the Pinon"
Zorach, Marguerite - "Christmas Mail"