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November 18 - December 7, 1957

LEO CASTELLI               
4 East 77th Street                
New York 21, N.Y.          
Bu 8-8343
2-6 P.M.

Marisol was born in Paris, of Venezuelan parents. She came to New York in 1950, where she studied with Hans Hofmann for two years and then started doing sculpture in various media: terra-cotta, wood, and recently welded metal.  Her works have been seen in many group shows, including three Stable Annuals, and the "New Work" exhibition at this gallery in 1957.

Marisol's wood sculptures combine the hieratic quality of a ritual object with the naivete of a child's toy. A religious concept of fertility, reminiscent of Mayan or Hindu art, is the principal theme of her terra-cotta reliefs. The welded metal constructions seem like coral formations or baroque crowns. Sumptuous and mysterious, they display, as does all her work, a sense of humor.

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