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George Wittenborn, Inc.

1018 Madison Ave., New York 21,N.Y.
BU 8-1558&1559

JUNE 3, 1958

Leo Castelli
4 East 77th Street
New York 21, N.Y.

Dear Leo,

In connection with the reprinting of our publication 


We would like to suggest to the author certain additions to the American section so that it will be more comprehensive and up to date.

One of the sculptors we would like to suggest is Marisol. Would you send us three or four carefully chosen, representative photographs of her work and some biographical data if you have it already prepared. If Madame Giedion-Welcher decides to include Marisol we will than contact
you for more specific and detailed information.

We need these photographs quite urgently as we should have them in Zurich before June 20th, so I hope you will be able to send them to us promptly.

Sincerely yours,
Esther signature
Esther Jenkins


Photos sent 6/9/58 Burckhardt's Nos.
'Crown' 4
'Printer's Box (Stanley Marcus) 10
'The Cat' 3A
'Family' 17
'The Hungarians' 19