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August 15, 1958
Par Avion Air Mail
àbord le French Line

Dear Leo-

I finally arrived to Rome after staying a few days in Paris and going to the Brussels Fair. I don't know if you are back in New York but I met some people here who said you were anxious to return because you didn't like Europe.

I am having a lot of trouble finding an apartament because I want to live well and all the nice apartaments have bad working space. Besides, everyone has left the city, & I can't find any help. I am going to go away myself & start looking again in Sep.

Before I left N.Y. I made a very nice family group. The kind that hang on the wall. I think it is one of my best. I wonder if you could send this one to the Carneguy show instead of the other one. I don't remember well what the other one is like but I have a feeling that this one is better.

There is a colector called Bergman who came to N.Y. before I left and he wanted to buy it but I told him to contact you. He said he would