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write to you. He sounded very interested because he phoned me from Chicago and wanted me to send it to him. I left it in Friedel's apartament.

I hope you saw the "Life" article. I am very angry that they made me look so ridiculous and unimportant after they bothered me so much with all those spot lights and all that posing & changing of clothes.

I hate to say [[strikethrough]] it [[/strikethrough]] that I don't like Rome but I think it is useless to go back to America now.

You can write to me at the American Express. I am staying at a very nice hotel near Piazza d'Espagna but I am leaving tomorrow for the beach.

Give my love to Ilyana

Transcription Notes:
Ileana Shapira (later Sonnabend) was Leo Castelli's wife/business partner