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Dear Leo

I was very glad to recieve {{receive}} your letter & the announcements. I am finally settled. I found a very nice apartament near where Marcarelli [[Marca-Relli]] lives. It is very small & the working space is not very good but it has a little garden & I am thinking of using it when it gets warmer.

I started working & I feel very well now. I have many ideas.. the accumulation of two months of vagrancy. I am working in wax & like it very much because I can do anything I want with it and very fast. I think my work is getting better It looks like a mixture of my clay & wood things in one.

My social life is very bad because, as usual, with my stupid personality I can't make any contact with anyone. Most of all I go out with Marcarelli & his wife & Afro. They are very nice to me. The other day I met Scarpita [[Scarpitta]] & his wife. He told me that you were going to give him a show. I imagine he is in N.Y. already.

I am thinking of going to Switzerland for New Year's. I have always liked the snow & it is very healthy & refreshing.

I am sorry that Ilse left the gallery.
I hope Ileana is well.

Write me soon

Transcription Notes:
Conrad Marca-Relli Salvatore Scarpitta