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New Orleans La March 23d 1871

Brig. Gen'l E. Whittlesey
A. A. Genl. Bureau R.F & A.L.
Washington D.C.

There is one thing that I overlooked in my letter of the 20th inst viz that in the preparation of claims I frequently have to deal with creoles who speak only the French language and then I find my clerk Mr Brousard of great service to me. I suppose that in all these cases the claimants could bring an interpreter with them. I merely suggest this to you without desiring to urge the matter for as I said in my last letter, I desire to conform to your views on retrenchment as far as practicable

Is it intended that I should attend to the preparation of claims if these changes are made.

Very Respectfully
Your obt Servt
Edgar C. Beman
Bvt. Lt. Col. O.D.O.

Transcription Notes:
Edgar C. Beman