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Dear Saul:

I received last week your Christmas greeting-you 
may think we going off the deep nut and in 
enthusiastic extravagance but you will never 
know the pleasure that drawing gives me.
I am here in Frisco commissioning a new ship the
U.S.S. Alamosa and going through hell trying to
be a communication officer in two weeks along with
all the other chaotic details attendent on fitting
out - every morning however I have the drawing
to look at an my 3 by 9 hotel room which gives
me the right smiling perspective to start the day.
It was so thoughtful of you to remember my
fondness for the busts - this drawing is my
favorite of all I have seen and it has for me
associations and pleasures you would never know.
I met an old and dear friend of mine in Honolulu
who has been in Guadalcanal Munda Rabaul etc.
past- a pilot and a charming &
for 18 mos past - a pilot and a harming &
thoroughly delightful personality - he had sent me
are of your drawings from the N. which I was
supposed to returns - he made me give it back to
him - it was of two people taking off their glasses
to kiss - its implications ever a humor and quality.