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that Frued Jung and Adler in their vast [[strikethrough]]tombes[/strikethrough]]tomes on repression and frustration have missed.  He was of course interested in the letter from you and now I wait to see him again to show him the busts - he will try to steal it - he has such amusingly distorted conceptions of ownership - believing that he who appreciates a thing most is the rightful owner - this fallacy of his moral concept is particularly maddening in affairs of the heart as he is such a god damned charmer and so easily claims what he chases to posess - however he will play hell getting my picture although he has had all of my soul mates.

I will be in Rm 728 Hotel Stewart till July 1st or there abouts (at which time I am going to shoot the entire staff with 20 mm. fire) then my address will be U.SS. Almoza c/o 7.P.O. San Francisco Calif.  If you are on the coast before July be sure and let me know.  All Nav proclaimed me Lt j.g. May 1st but I haven't had time to make it official - there is somthing comfortably safe in Ensign slip which I hesitate to relinquish everyone knows you know nothing.

Sincerely your friend
Bill Whitney