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excited about you.

I mailed the letter that Kurt Valentine wrote to Mourlot introducing you as Hedda Sterne and mentioning that you are my wife too. You'll find the address in the phone book. Anyway it's rue du Chabrol or Chabroles 18 Go soon and do some beautiful work. And tell him to charge you for the work I owe him from the last year. (I wrote him a long letter and he never sent me the bill)

This year we'll have a nice vacation in Italy. We'll go there in July first at Bergamo for a few days at the Architectural Congress and then we'll see (Isola d'Elba, Calabria, Sardegna, Abruzzo) But if you find a good studio in Paris I just as well stay in Paris.

I think I'll shave and go to movies (I have 2 days old beard) the 4 stories of Maugham. Or only a walk, the rain stopped.

I didn't write but facts. I had to write the letter but you understand how much I love you? My heart feels it (a sensation of very heavy and like bursting) I miss you very much my darling wife. Yours faithfully