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I mean by "home" the old country with levant people and the kind of half civilization. I understand that a lot more now after having seen India

No the story of my trip so far: I left China about 2 weeks ago, I went over by bomber and had some excitement with zeros, I'll tell you that some other time.

I took it easy in India and had a good time seeing civilization again but we had a hasty celebration and I drank too much of the local Manhatan cocktail and I was very sick for 2 days, almost died. I spent Christmas in a naval Liaison house, very chic and formal but an unbelievable turkey diner. In Central Africa I saw a good friend of mine and he was very cordial. By the way I left that place in a hurry and I bought you a snake skin and a pillow and a wooden box (you'll like that) and this friend of mine will send you the parcel. I didn't have the time to mail it to you. Same thing happened in India and I left there several boxes to be mailed to you. I sent you many Indian handbags and if you can spare one send it with my compliments to miss Einstein. She never got a gift from me and she'll appreciate.

I think, by now, the boxes I sent you from China months ago are arriving to you. Here in Egypt I don't find much to buy, it's too cheap stuff for tourists. I'm sorry I couldn't make in time to buy the tiger skin, some other time. I felt funny the first few days after I left China. I have to be now all the time well 

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