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Febr. 7.

Yesterday I couldn't finish your letter [[strikethrough]] so [[/strikethrough]] because it was cold and I was frozen so I went out to move around and get warm. I don't know how is for you to write a letter but it's certainly easier, you can have all the time you want and light and warm but I have first to get the time then it's cold, I don't have stove and after one hour or two of sitting in my room I'm frozen. Then the light is very weak and I can't write in the evening. I'm writing you sometimes harty letters in V mail I write them in the officer's club so called, just a barrack in the middle of the noise made by everybody and the letters sometimes are dry. You said it to me, I have to tell you that I love you in very letter because if you don't read "I love you" means that I don't love you That's the way I feel and you have to write it to me in every letter and not only once. Some other times I think so much at you during the night and I talk to you and say you many things you like to read. But next day when I have to write you I cannot say them again. it looks like a repetition of something I told you already so I try to tell 
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