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something good and also I have to be bored. I hope just to make together with you this kind of “bored” life You know what I mean, you are the best girl and I feel always that I don’t need to explain you much of what I think, that you always know what I mean. By God, what a life. In [[strikethrough]] [[?]] [[/strikethrough]] summertime we’ll work in a studio with a big soft rug to walk around barefooted (that’s one of my secret pleasures, I’m sure you like it too) We’ll make a long table for drawing, about 12 feet long with pen & ink section, tempera & watercolor section. Then we’ll buy from some café or restaurant a small table with marble [[image]] to make drawings on thin paper over the marble surface, the pencil is really sliding, the ideal surface for pencil drawings.

I found here drawings made by a simple old man, they look more like made by a child

I love you dear. I’m in good shape. My mustache is still smaller than usual. Have you sent my pictures to uncle Harry? I still want a picture of yours to carry in my pocket. Can’t you make one? Not received yet the photos of your paintings (only the objects or sculptures so far)

Love me dear and be good and write me. I love you dear
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