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He is what he is and you are right when you say that charity is to be [[strikethrough]] made [[/strikethrough]] done for better purpose. This is one of the things that I'll straighten up as soon as I'll be home (one week after, of course- I'll be busy with you the first week) I'll write him anyway -probably - to find out how is our contract. I signed one with him about 2 years ago and I think it was for 2 years. If so I think the contract is gone - I'll write him now about it. Too bad I don't have a copy of that contract- I signed it when I didn't give a damn for my security or money or further developments but now I feel different.

Let's talk now about something more pleasant. How are you dear? I had many letters from you [[strikethrough]] in [[/strikethrough]] some time ago while in Italy. Plenty of drawings of yours too. I didn't answer your letters one by one- I'll do that from now on. No mail from you in the last 10 days or so. I mean mail from Reno. I hope you feel fine there- I cannot imagine you very well outside of 50th street. I'm homesick for that house and probably you too are [[strikethrough]] too [[/strikethrough]] homesick for the same house.

I love you very much dear
(I had to go out and been busy and then slept in a chair. Now is morning early and I want to send you the letter now) Love you, dear