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7p.m. Monday 25 April 

Dear wife, 

I'm at home and a minute ago I had the cable telephoned - your cable from London. I was jittery and I kept calling the PAA to find out about the delay, they told me that you had to go the southern route, I'm happy you arrived well (I'm going to make myself a drink, I won't let you fly again, I worry too much) 

I was very sad after I left you yesterday. I didn't go home, I walked around a while then I ate some drugstore food, went to 30 minutes of Museum movie (Sullivan's 
 Travels) and after that to de Kooning, small quiet party (the brother of Biala, 2 other people with wives pregnant) had very little to drink, went to bed early. Couldn't sleep, I was worried. I hope your health is good darling

Transcription Notes:
In reading these letters it is apparent that the high crossing of small "T"s is confusing some proofreaders. To my eye these are small "t"s that are crossed high in the original text. The movie reference is to Sullivan's Travels which came out in 1941.

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