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Chas Forton
Randolph St. School
Wood St.

Chas Forton  Still exists in the same place 6th Street homeland [[?]] - must have been about 9 yrs - The thing that places it in my mind are the drawings we made on our slates. The outstanding fact [[strikethrough]] some [[/strikethrough]] one boy whose name I have forgotten - could according to our ideas [[strikethrough]] do [[/strikethrough]] draw anything whole lines of soldiers charging - run away horses house on fire, people escaping by the roof & doors, a day at the Circus there seemed nothing he could not draw in our eyes & such speed that I am sure he was so far ahead of the rest of our efforts that we all felt our selves outclassed. A Michel Angelo - I have often wondered what became of him - did he live, if so his talent increase - but I have learned it is very hard to pick a winner. When I look back over my Julieu days in Paris not more than one out of five of the "idols" of the school were heard of & I [[strikethrough]] could [[/strikethrough]] can recall both French[[?]] & Americans whos easels were always besieged by on lookers, who have simply faded out of sight leaving no traces upon the sand of time, [[strikethrough]] some became airmen, playwrights anything under the sun but painters or sculptors [[/strikethrough]].
But my health was not good & after a consultation with a "charletain" in the next block - who was running a medical school - I was taken out of school & we moved to Frederick Md.- my father still staying in Phila. as editor of Christian Recorder a position he held for 15 or 20 yrs. Now to our "charletain." He asked no questions whatever, he simply looked you over & told you
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