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first one that did the check for forty dollars that came with the letter of acceptance made me wonder "how they could pay such big prices" When soon afterward I sold "A lion at home", from the Academy of Design, for eighty dollars. I began to look up & I commenced a most ambitious canvas, of "Androcles"- spent all of my money on  models, & learned some things by my failures. 

I have had questionable brilliant ideas "in my life, one of them was to unite business & art" the thing to do was to have an occupation that would furnish a small income" -- a business that would not take all my time. So it was -- I established a very modest photograph gallery at Atlanta Georgia. The calculation that I should  have Sometime, was well made. The calculation that I should take some photos badly. I had so much more leisure Than I had calculated upon, This so distressed me that I could not work. So it arrived I did nothing. I could neither make it go, nor dare let it go -- because with "blood & tears"  I got enough out of it to pay my board each week. 

It was at this most distressing period, That it was my good fortune to meet Bishop  Maj.  J.C. Hartzell, & for the next few years, they became my patron saints. 
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