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and as this was the top most thought in my mind, I said where did

[[image: drawing of a "NASM" flag]]


He was gone too. as was the door way through which I had come was now out of sight [[crossed-out]] now turning around I saw the door way through which I had come a mere speck in the distance why was it getting so far in the distance [[/crossed-out]] I had walked as it seemed to me distance at all looking down at the ground I saw my feet[[strikethrough]] walking moving or getting [[/strikethrough]] over the ground[[strikethrough]] at a great [[/strikethrough]] as if walking [[strikethrough]] rate with [[/strikethrough]] with no exertion on my part on foot without any sensation of walking on my part. I did not know I had been walking but there I was still growing & I did not how should I stop. I had always stopped walking Know how to stop, [[strikethrough]] but I was [[/strikethrough]] when I wanted to but now how to stop was the [[strikethrough]] [[??]] [[/strikethrough]] question where would this walking take me but as things were continually changing I was so occupied with what I was seeing that I soon soon nearly forgot I was walking & that I could not stop. But where did the road lead [[strikethrough]] the perspiration was now trickling down my face I had been [[/strikethrough]]
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