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May 3, 1956

Mr. Robert B. Bluemner
13 Hamilton Street
Braintree Mass.

Dear Mr. Bluemner:

I went to the Lincoln Warehouse yesterday and looked over as many of your father's paintings as I had an opportunity. It was not too convenient, as the Lincoln Warehouse has moved to smaller quarters, and it is not as convenient to view paintings there. Further, a great many of the paintings being in storage had bloomed, and it was rather difficult to evaluate the color tones.

Rather than taking some of them out for our exhibition, I thought that if you would be interested in selling the collection intact, I might be interested in buying it. Do you have any idea how much you would want, and what the total number of paintings is?

If not, could you give me the price you have marked on the following ones which I did examine over there? They are:

"Evening Tones"
out -> "Azure"
"Radiant Night"
"Circle of Washington Square
"Red Farm at Pochuck
"Hill of Munisuck"
"Silk Town on the Passaic"

Storage Number
71 (?)
95-88 [[?]]

Record Number
No Record Number
No Record Number

If they are not too expensive, I might be interested in purchasing them outright from you, if you would care to do so.
Blah by Gold:
Approach a [[?]] Night
Circle of Was Length Square [[checkmark]][[checkmark]]
Farm Rd. Poharcony [[checkmark]][[checkmark]]

Very truly yours,
Robert C Graham