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Office Bureau RF & AL

To Genl. David Tillson:

In the case of Lawrence Gardiner and Achabald Jackson I enclose the affidavits of Mr. Wallar Mr. Allen Mr. Evans & Mr. Jones. I was called myself by Lawrence about the first of August to know if I could not do something in his case. I informed him as he and Mr. Jackson had not made a written contract I had nothing to do with it only if Jackson turned him off to see that he was paid for the time he worked and he insisted on my going to Jacksons to see if he had justice done. I went to Jackson the next day & made the Settlement between them according to their own statements and Laurence fell in debt to Jackson about twenty three dollars which Settlement was made by the books of both parties the settlement was made from the time of Freedom up to the date of settlement all of which is respectfully submitted.

W.N. Brantly Agt
Bureau R F & A L.