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Tentative Table of Contents
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T H E   V I S U A L   A R T S   T O D A Y

A. Introduction.  Gyorgy Kepes.

B. Background.
1. Art, freedom, and tyranny.  Albert Camus. 
2. New technical forms and artistic imagery. Revaluation of the impact of technology, mechanization, urbanization.  Lewis Mumford. 
3. Leisure, work, and creative expression. The function of art in the twentieth-century community.  Margaret Mead. 
4. Inner conflict and self realization. The role of creative experience in psychological health.  Abraham H. Maslow. 
5. Urbanization as it relates to the creative experience.  David Riesman. 
6. New creative tools and techniques.  Max Bill. Eduardo F. Catalano. 
7. Technical frontiers of visual observation and communication.  Edwin H. Land.

C. Statements and documents.
1. Short personal statements regarding motivations, goals, and creative methods by: Naum Gabo, Willem de Kooning, Mark Tobey, Mark Rothko, Saul Steinberg, Jean Arp, Charles Sheeler, Alberto Giacometti. 
2. Visual documents: illustrations of paintings, sculptures, by the above artists. 
3. Portfolio of the New Landscape. Technical and scientific photographs. 

D. Meanings: the vision in the arts. 
1. The changing concept of visual space. Rudolf Wittkower 
W. M. Ivins. 
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