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To oversell any fabric, carpet or leather on durability is bad business. The type of use will determine how even the strongest will perform in time. All fibers and fabrics have at least one vulnerable characteristic. Too few of our clients ask questions about performance, particularly when they're in an unusual situation, or dealing with a problematic or difficult client. When they do ask, it is important to give them the right information, and if you don't have it, consult with one of the Larsen old-timers such as Manning or Ellen. My Fabrics For Interiors has very useful information on each type of application.

The truth is that many of Larsen fabrics do have the properties of not eternal youth, but certainly a prolonged one. Cases in point are our handspun, handwoven upholsteries such as Doria and Tyrol. In the mid 50's when we launched these fabrics they were selected by leading architects such as 

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