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Staying Power
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Marcel Breuer. When SOM and others picked up the look, Larsen handspuns became a status symbol. David Rockefeller's five offices, by different architects, were all in natural Doria upholsteries.

Then it became apparent that these were the least expensive fabrics on the job, because they kept their good looks for a very long time; while others may not have developed holes, they became so "tired", soiled or pilled as to require replacement -- often twice. The Doria fabrics remained beautiful and young, taking shampooing and brushing perfectly well -- without becoming tired and worn. And so, our handspuns became the norm for executive offices and for classic contemporary homes in which a fabric of character was wanted that would not compete with luxe furnishings and important art. Instead of getting one or two offices, we received orders for whole floors.

The world has tried to catch up with us on this, and certainly the furniture houses have as many look alikes as they can find. Seldom are they of our quality, nor do they use handspun yarns of upgraded fibers.

The costs that are rising faster than all others are custom reupholstery, and general workroom charges; fabric prices have gone up only a fraction as much. Our clients pay exorbitantly for re-covering -- far more than for factory application of the original and pay special freight in and out as well.

Encourage them to spend the right amount of money in the beginning, and get quality with Staying Power. The extra good looks, depth, and hand are "thrown in" for free.