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JACK LENOR LARSEN   [[picture]]
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Jack Lenor Larsen's Soft Luster
A large range of carpets and rugs, leathers and fabrics --especially silks-- relate through the denominator of a new palette. Middle valued, sedate but shimmering, his Soft Blues, Greens, Amethysts and Camels fuse into a single statement...a sybaritic one.

The Soft Luster carpets are systemically conceived to move from one room to another, from field to border to complex mosaics of texture patterns. According to Larsen, the frame carpet is in, not only in bordered rugs, but as frames which define perimeters of carpeted rooms. In all but the simplest of rooms I see solids bordering solids, solid borders with patterns (and vice versa). For larger spaces we propose the inlaid frame composed of three elements: a pattern, a solid and an intermediate texture pattern. The implication, is, this space is so important as to be defined; so are the people in it!

Soft Luster is a visual vocabulary sufficiently versatile to compose many statements. All are jacquard woven, all wool Wiltons. Matrix of the group is King's Tweed, with a small, shadowed repeat pattern inlaid on a diagonal tweed ground. Frame it with "V", a self toned chevron in high-and-low relief, or the solid border, Quantum, in a many Soft Luster shades.

King's Mantle is a richly complex geometry, admixing all the Soft Luster shades, and serves as field or as a border for rugs and carpets. The Soft Luster edition of Radiance glows as if with an inner fire. Imagine four-toned, iridescence fusing the architectural geometry into a burnished place. Stoke it with dozens of cloths in the same dry\bright shades.

Larsen Silks

The addition of three major silk patterns reminds us the Larsen has become a major source for patterned silks. Mikado, in a melange of of mouthwatering tints, is printed pattern-on-pattern over a jacquard double cloth to become the most sensational of Mr. Larsen's long list of print innovations. (He is the designer who gave us the romantic prints -- often on velvet -- which became the style of the 60's and 70's, then the first authentic batiks and ikats, warp prints, and giant see-through murals in devore techniques.)

The new collection of silks in Soft Luster shades simultaneously reflects our new interest in quietude, the East, and the architectural analatiques of both Deco and post-Modern styles. "Soft Luster coloring", he says, "in luxuriously soft fabric, 

(Written on side, NEWS FROM NEW YORK)