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to its [[strikethrough]] position [[/strikethrough]] image of 50 years ago, when there weren't the resources in product and design that we have today, is a wonderful opportunity. My studio is excited about working in the scale of these spaces and about creating designs that could never be done for the line...these are all custom works," notes Larsen. Scheduled for completion this summer, the project will be using carpet, furniture, and fabric from the Larsen Studio.

The Studio comprises a total of [[strikethrough]] eight [[/strikethrough]] 7 designers and [[strikethrough]] three [[/strikethrough]] 4 support staff. [[strikethrough]] Until recently [[/strikethrough]] Originally, it operated independently [[strikethrough]] of the firm's furniture division. However [[/strikethrough]] as a seperate corporation, but is now a subsidiary of Larsen Incorporated. responsibility for furniture design has now been brought into the Studio, where development of new designs for [[strikethrough]] silk [[/strikethrough]] fabrics, leather, and carpet -- the firm's other major product divisions -- is handled. [[strikethrough]] 40 year [[/strikethrough]] Long professional career

As Jack Larsen's career spans [[strikethrough]] close to 40 [[/strikethrough]] over 30 years in [[strikethrough]] the commercial [[/strikethrough]] contract design, [[strikethrough]] field and [[/strikethrough]] his reflections upon industry change reveal a not-surprising respect for the master of the profession, among them Florence Knoll. Notes Larsen, "She spearheaded the way architects and designers work with clients."

In a decade-by-decade appraisal, Larsen makes observations about the rapid pace of change in the contract field. "In the early '50s, there were [[strikethrough]] 200 [[/strikethrough]] only 20 important specifiers in the entire country. These people worked with 'shoppers' who came to the showrooms for specific


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