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Orange, Connecticut 06477

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April 12, 1990

Mr. Jack Lenor Larsen
Larsen Design Studio
41 East 11th St.
New York, NY 10003-4685

Dear Jack:

Thank you for sending the information on the Blaser chair. I am so sorry that it did not work out better for you, and I will certainly tell anybody who is interested that you are selling them off on such a favorable basis.

I also want to thank you again for your kind call about Anni, and for your efforts on her behalf with the Royal College of Art. Although her situation is up and down, as of the moment it does look as if she will make the trip. What a wonderful friend and supporter you have been.

I also always feel that I owe you an extra bit of personal thanks. It was at a wonderful lunch (memories of extraordinary fiddlehead ferns) at your house a number of years ago that I reencountered Martin Filler, with whom I had gone to college. Our getting together on that occasion, which was for the most part built around Anni's presence, led to my writing a piece about her for House and Garden, which in turn has led to all sorts of additional magazine writing. I have always felt that happy lunch time conversation was the kickoff point.

With very best regards,
Nicholas Fox Weber
Executive Director