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July 6, 1990
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I have invited Manning and Jean to my traditional Bastille Day brawl on July 14, which is unfortunately on a Saturday, so you are at your hacienda.

However, if you ever have a free evening, I would love you to come over for dinner. Since I only do kitchens but never cook in them, it will probably be Chinese smorgasbord. Lease let me know if and when yo can make it. May be you can weave something for me on the spot for that wall in front of the living room windows.

Virginia Whitmore Kelly, who got married some years ago to an architect and now lives in Princeton, promised to come and visit me shortly. If you can take that evening off, I shall let her know and she can come then. I am sure that she would be super-thrilled to see you again and a few of the older old friends.

Ciao, tesoro, hope to hear from you.


P.S. I ran out of my letterhead and had to xerox it. Sorry about that, ole' boy.