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Larsen finds that [[strikethrough]] its triple threat of [[/strikethrough]] the combination of well-designed fabrics, furniture and carpet is particularly valuable at this time. This means that total orders from one job or specification are larger than if [[strikethrough]] they [[/strikethrough]] Larsen were playing in a single field. A request for one often brings inquiries for another. So does [[strikethrough]] their [[/strikethrough]] our eclectic range of styles and media. As the most diversified [[strikethrough]] of all [[/strikethrough]] of the world's [[strikethrough]] fabric [[/strikethrough]] design houses, Larsen has unique resources in dozens of countries. This gives [[strikethrough]] them [[/strikethrough]] us a peculiar advantage in the retrofit of older buildings and the refurbishing of more recent ones. [[strikethrough]] They [[/strikethrough]] We have custom potentials far beyond the norm that allow [[strikethrough]] them [[/strikethrough]] us to work in a broad range of styles and materials. Best of all, [[strikethrough]] the [[/strikethrough]] our new sales focus at Larsen is that of a young firm. For the first time, a full marketing staff is identifying the potential market and realizing its potentials. Etc. 

[[right margin]] 
Customer service never better
Sales force never better
Design studio partnering great design - 
[[/right margin]] 

1 November 1990


cc: Pat Lembo
Crans Baldwin
Stanley Marcus