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December 31, 1926

Dr. W. R. Valentiner,
Detroit Institute of Arts,
Detroit, Mich.

Dear Dr. Valentiner,

I thank you for your very kind letter of December 23rd.

I am immediately taking the matter up of the vis├ęs for your passport.

I thank you also for the very nice certificate which you have written for the bust which the St. Louis Museum bought.

I am also taking the matter up of a modern French exhibition and will see what can be done.

I wrote you two days ago about returning the "Two Lions" tapestry, as I told you in my letter, I have a client here who might be interested in it and who is here for a short while.

Do you think that our very fine Roman casonne could be of interest to Joe [[strikethrough]] WAGNER [[/strikethrough]] Widener, and do you think that maybe you could be kind enough to recommend it to him. I have not shown it yet to anybody, so as to say, as we had promised one of our clients to reserve it for him. That client has just decided that he can not place it, but it is such an exceptional piece that I really feel it is worthy of Mr. WAGNER'S Collection.

With best wishes to Mrs. VALENTINER and yourself, and looking forward to seeing you in New York early in February, if not before, kindly believe me to be

Yours very sincerely,

Transcription Notes:
There is a comment in the margins with the word "Widener" that I'm unsure where to place in the transcription. I believe the crossed our word was meant to be replaced with this one potentially. ---------- Reopened for Editing 2023-09-11 16:23:06 . I replaced the first WAGNER with Widener, but note that the second occurrence was not changed. ---------- Reopened for Editing 2023-09-18 19:38:22