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December 7th, 1929.

Dear Dr. Valentiner:

Several months ago when it was my privilege to see you in Detroit, you told me that you would be interested in books referring to French art generally. Having kept that in mind, I am taking the liberty of sending you several books which I hope you will give me the pleasure of accepting with my compliments. They are:

5 Vols. "Histoire de la Peinture française," by Dimier and Réau
3 Vols. "La peinture du portrait en France au XVIème siecle" by Dimier.

I am sorry not to have had an opportunity of seeing you while here - I am leaving next week - but do hope to have this pleasure when I return in February.

Trusting you are enjoying good health,

Believe me to be,

Yours very sincerely,

(Germain Séligmann)

Dr. W. R. Valentiner,
Detroit Institute of Arts,
704 East Jefferson Avenue, 
Detroit, Michigan.

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