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March 11th, 1929.

Dear Baron Passavant,

I have just sent you a cable regarding your series of four "Achilles" tapestries, after the cartoon by Reubens, which you have here in deposit and in the following I want to give you some further information about exhibiting them.

The Detroit Institute of Art is giving a very fine Van Dyke Exhibition and they would like to have a set of tapestries after cartoons by Reubens, for exhibiting them in their main entrance hall during the time of the Van Dyke Exhibition and naturally I thought of your set here in New York.

The exhibition itself will give you no expense whatsoever. On the other hand, I think there will be a marvelous chance for the possibility of a sale in showing them to the large number of art lovers who will go to see this exhibition - especially in a city like Detroit, where people's taste is still in a state where they do not object so much to large figures and Brussel tapestries.

I have communicated with the office of Mr. Ehliers, who himself is in Europe at present, and have spoken with his secretary who told me that they only could deliver the tapestries as


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