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March 4th, 1929.

Mrs. A. C. Weibel,
Curator of Textiles,
The Detroit Institute of Arts,
Detroit, Michigan.

Dear Mrs. Weibel,

I am in receipt of your letter of March 2nd, for which I thank you very much.

In regard to the tapestry which you want to have for your Van Dyck Loan Exhibition, I am sorry to say that we ourselves did not possess any tapestries of the kind you require. However, it just happened that I know a fried of mine has a serial of four Brussels 17th Century tapestries, known as "The Achilles Series" here in America, which I might be able to secure for your exhibition.

I am sending you in the enclosure a folder containing the description of these four tapestries and photographs of two of them. Will you kindly let me know at your earliest convenience whether this matter is of interest to you as I then can communicate with my friend in Europe to receive an order to take them out of the vault.

However, I am looking forward very much to seeing you around the middle of this month, when it will give me great pleasure to greet you here.

With my best wishes and kind regards, I meanwhile remain 

Very truly yours,



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