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December 27th, 1935.

Believe me when I say that it is really terribly reasonable at this figure. I do hope that you will buy it, and upon word from you I will have it shipped and sent directly to you.

I spent a very brief few hours in Cambridge last week and saw all our friends. Sachs is not back yet but is sailing the 30th of this month as you probably may have heard.

The holiday season is well on its way here with lots and lots of excitement, and really it looks like the old-fashioned kind with lots of tinsel, lots of gaiety and lots of drinking.

Don't forget to give me a little notice when you come to New York in January. We are both very anxious to see you and have you see our apartment.

With best wishes to you for a successful New Year,

As ever,


(Robert M. Levy)

P.S. I read your article in the bulletin and thought it was darned good! RML

John S. Newberry, Esq.,
Detroit Institute of Arts,
Detroit, Mich.

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