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December 18th., 1935.

Dear Dr. Valentiner:

You remember, of course, the lovely portrait by Giovanni Bellini representing a youth with blond hair, on a blue background, and for which you were kind enough several years ago to write us a certificate.

In fact, if I recall well, I showed it to you again when you dropped in at the galleries upon your arrival this autumn.

I am writing you today because this picture is going to be proposed to Mr. Edwards in Cincinnati in a couple of days, through an intermediary who is going to make it a point not to mention our name, and I thought of calling your attention to this in case Mr. Edwards would communicate with you in connection with this painting.

The name of the firm neither adds not [[nor]] detracts from the quality of the painting.

Thanking you in advance and with my best wishes for Christmas, and kindest regards,

I am,

Yours very sincerely,

(Germain Séligmann)

Dr. W. R. Valentiner,
Detroit Institute of Art,
Detroit, Michigan.

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