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December 8th., 1938.

Dear Dr. Valentiner:

Mr. P. F. Nesi has been kind enough to transmit to me your message, informing me that the Daumier "Portrait of Monsieur Deburau" was available to be returned to us.

I would be obligated to you if you cared to have it returned to us directly by your museum, and thank you now for your good services.

I further want you to know how much I appreciate your kind efforts in this matter and am sorry that you did not succeed in keeping this most interesting and exceptional work in Detroit. 

When next you are in New York I would like to take up with you the matter of the marble statue by Germain PILON, as it would no doubt be a sensational addition to your permanent collection.

Looking forward to seeing you soon and with personal regards, I am,

Yours very sincerely,

(Geramin Séligmann)

Dr. W. R. Valentiner,
Detroit Institute of Arts
Detroit, Michigan.

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