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April 1st, 1938

Dear Jack:

The La Fresnaye water colors and Guys drawing have just been cleared by the Customs and accordingly, as per my last letter to you, I am shipping them to you directly (at the Museum) today.

The La Fresnayes were all in the large modern exhibition at the Petit Palais last summer and are unquestionably the finest we have. The prices are respectively as follows:-

M 1427 "Papier Collé"..................... $450.00
M 1372 "Le Poste de Police" (blue one) ... $300.00
M 1486 "Sepia" ........................... $300.00

As you well know, we have never officially offered any of our La Fresnayes for sale and these were sent over at my request for you merely as a personal favor and accommodation. The prices quoted to you are rock-bottom prices on which there can be no reduction.

The wash drawing by Guys is--I know you will agree--a very lovely one and in my opinion very handsomely framed. By this artist you can want no more impressive or interesting subject that [[than]] the "Empress Eugenie". The price of this drawing is likewise moderate at $300.00.

After a few days, I hope you are going to write me an overwhelmingly enthusiastic letter telling me which one, or ones, you will decide to keep!

With all the best of wishes, and hoping that you are going to be in New York very soon, so that we can spend some time together,

As always -

Yours faithfully,

(Robert M. Levy)

John S. Newberry, Esq.
Detroit institute of Arts
Detroit, Michigan

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