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March 24th, 1938

Dear Jack:

C├ęsar has just returned from Europe and has brough with him three very beautiful la Fresnaye water colors which I particularly asked him to bring for you. In addition, although I had not written him about this specifically, he has brought with him a beautiful Constantin Guys of the Empress Eugenie.

None of these items are very high in price and run [[strikethrough]] really [[/strikethrough]] only to a few hundred dollars or even less. As soon as they shall have been passed by the Customs, I am going to send these four drawings out to you and see what you think of them, and I hope that you will find one or two amongst them to your liking.

Otherwise, what news from you? Are you coming to New York soon, and do you think you will still definitely go to Europe despite the war scare and conditions abroad? Do let me hear from you.

With all good wishes,

As always -


(Robert M. Levy)

John S. Newberry, Esq.
Detroit Institute of Arts
Detroit, Michigan


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