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January 17th, 1938

Dear Jack:

I am in receipt of your good lines of January 14th for which I thank you. At the same time I was rather chagrined to read of your broken arm which must have been very painful as well as annoying. I trust that by now it is completely healed.

Regarding your inquiry re Guys and la Fresnaye drawings and water colors, I am sending on to you today for your approval, an exceptionally fine la Fresnaye drawing which is the only one we have here at the moment and which is comparable to any we have in Paris or that we have ever had. As you will notice, it is rather a rare and unusual item as there is a drawing on the reverse side so that really you will be getting two drawings for your money. The price is $500.

Regarding drawings by Constantin Guys, with the exception of one or two incidental wash drawings which we have handled over a period of ten years or more, it is definitely not our policy to handle this master because of the extremely difficult and uncertain problem involved. Therefore, I am unable to send you anything by this master.

I want to thank you for writing me and asking about these things. I do hope that you will add the la Fresnaye drawing to your collection because I think you know how sincerely we believe in this very fine and rare artist, and if you remember correctly, we have talked about his works many times during all the years that I have known you and that you have been coming to the gallery.

With best wishes to you, and looking forward to hearing from you regarding the above, as well as seeing you shortly,

As ever -

Yours sincerely,

(Robert M. Levy)

P.S. I should very much appreciate having a catalogue of the present sculpture exhibition which seems to be incredibly marvelous. Could you send me one? Thank you!

John S. Newberry, Esq.
The Detroit Institute of Arts
Detroit, Michigan


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