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New York 22, N.Y.

February 7, 1963

Dear Mr. Grigaut:

It was in the hope of being able to impart Mr. Leslie Cheek Jr.'s decision that I postponed thanking you for your so very nice letter of January 25th.

However, not having yet heard from him, I do not want to delay further saying that I am much looking forward to your contemplated visit. In view of your good intention, I think that I should let you know that I expect to leave New York on February 20th, to be gone about three weeks. I do hope, therefore, that your trip will be either before my departure or after my return.

Are you fishing for compliments when you write that you are going to "bother" me for a few minutes .... Do not make it just a few minutes, as you know that it always gives me much pleasure to have an opportunity of chatting with you.

With cordial greetings,

Sincerely yours,

Germain Seligman

Mr. Paul L. Grigaut
Chief Curator
The Detroit Institute of Art
5200 Woodward Avenue
Detroit 2, Michigan

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