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January 23, 1963

Dear Mr. Grigaut:

A very nice letter from Mr. Leslie Cheek, Jr. advises me that you have recommended to him the purchase of my "Saint Peter" by the Master of Rimini, and I am anxious to express to you without delay my appreciation of your thoughtfulness.

However, I wired him at once that the marble was at present under consideration by another museum from whom I expected a decision in the first days of February.

There is another point of considerable importance which I find necessary to bring to your attention, namely that several weeks ago, due to certain circumstances - which I will gladly explain to you when I have the pleasure of seeing you - I have had to increase the selling price of the sculpture which is now $10,000 (ten thousand dollars).

I have not yet posted Mr. Cheek about this new price, and I do hope that it will not dampen his enthusiasm.

In all sincerity I consider this new figure as being still a very reasonable one and fully warranted if we bear in mind the quality of this exquisite marble and the extreme scarcity of works by this master. In fact, to my knowledge at least, there is no other one in this country, and the importance of the Master of Rimini was emphasized, as you no doubt know, at the great exhibition held last summer in Vienna of "European Art around 1400".

If I am taking up so much of your time in writing you at length on this topic it is on account of the so very kind interest you have taken in this matter.

There is one more question which I would like to ask you: whether you left with Mr. Cheek the pamphlet containing the documentation I sent to you referring to the "Saint Peter" as I consider it of great value, adding to its interest.

With renewed appreciation and best personal regards,

Sincerely yours,
Germain Seligman

Mr. Paul L. Grigaut
Detroit Institute of Arts
5200 Woodward Avenue
Detroit 2, Michigan