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Matsun = Festival; Japanese towns held many festivals for changing seasons etc. the taiko called them together for celebrations

As a Japanese American she was held by many @ school that she killed [her friend's] uncle. Didn't understand the Japanese - American experience till college and what that meant.

4 Principles of Taiko Drumming:
1. Musical technique 
2. Attitude
3. Kata (form) 
Form; almost like martial arts; working w/ drums to be centered 
4. Ki/chi (energy)  "the force"

Connection w/ bachi (drumsticks
In Buddist & Shinto religion -> links from heaven to human, sound of earth to Infinite Spirit

- Audience participation in drumming: "you are not playing the drum... you are the drum." 

"Soh... reh... DUN."" ready, set go.

Not more muscle, but intention of spirit being centered when you play. 
"dun" (loudest sound)

- Roy & PJ have a conservatory & Junior Division where they teach and pass on the culture. 

120,000 thousand American of Japanese ancestry were incarcerated in camps in the US
In Japan Island of Hajicho was an exile for political prisoners.  This song speaks to experience of communities of exile, but how drum is used to uplift these communities.

When grandparents spoke of camp, growing up PJ thought they meant summer camp!  Didn't understand till Asian studies program in University what this meant. 

This year - 
-  75th anniv. of Executive Order 9066 signed by Roosevelt that interned 120,000  Japanese-Americans; an exhibit @ Amer. History Museum called "Righting a wrong" documents this

- Q&A: comparison to Basque drum patterns / polyrhythms from last year's festival.  Lots of improve used in each piece 
- Cowhide: typical skin for drum/birch drumsticks, Japanese white oak, larger drums cedar for softer sound.