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June 25-29; July 2-6, 2014
Log sheet #1
Smithsonian Folklife Festival
Audio/Video Log Sheet
Logger/Videographer: Eugene Townes, Linn Bunch
Memory Card Number - Tascam: 20
File name: 84
Memory Card Number - Zoom H2: 22
File name:
Presenter: Marjorie
Date/Time: 12:00p.m. June 25, 2014
Program: Kenya
Stage: Boma
Group Name: basketmakers - Crafts from the Land
Region/Style: Lake Victoria area

[[2 columned table]]
| --- | --- |
| Lucy Agutu Okudo | Basket weaver |
| Apollo Omondi Omuare | basket weaver |

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1. brief intr to Kenya w/ emphasis on need for changes in craft-making as natural resources shrink
2. reed used-water hyacinth from Lake Victoria
3. Water hyacinth is an environmental problem; plant overgrowth changes teh lake water levels & availabity [availability] of fresh water.
4. Basketmakers traditionally used sisal & paprus. [papyrus]
5. Reeds are divided into Grades A,B,&C, 
A- dyed = used for lampshades
B-used for baskets
C-used for furniture
6. Decision to use water hyacinth was an environmental decision
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