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Agent will return this Way-Bill to the General Accounting Office without FOLDING OR FILING.

In transferring Way-Bills and Business, when time is not given for checking each entry on every Way-Bill, the blank below must be filled out on some one of the Way-Bills so transferred, and such Way-Bill placed where it can most readily be referred to.

Memorandum of Way-Bills and Outside Valuables

Delivered by (Agent or Mess.)
to (Officer or Route.)
18 M.
Number of Money Way-Bills
Number of Freight Way-Bills
Number of Outside Bags or Packages of Coin, Currency or Valuables

Number of Sealed Bags of Valuables
[Bill your Sealed Bags on a Regular Money Way-Bill.]

Signature of Employe receiving:

The Messenger or Agent receiving the transfer will at once count his Way-Bills and Outside Valuables to see if they agree with the memorandum above, and, if correct, so note and sign his name; if not, telegraph immediately the facts to the person delivering, and also write particulars by next train.

Every Messenger through whose hands this Way-Bill passes must stamp his Name, Route, Check-Mark and Place Transferred, In regular rotation hereon.

[[2 columned table]]
|Messenger, Check-Mark and Route.—Transferred at.|Messenger, Check-Mark and Route.—Transferred at.|


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